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The meanings of letters and their philosophies in JTBLabs.


J in JTBLabs represents the Japanese work ethics for us. Since we really admire their determination to work and their respect for work, we strive to apply their ethics to our projects and efforts as best as we can.


T in JTBLabs represents the Technology in it for us. The promise we gave to eachother at the begining was 'No matter what we are going to do, we are going to focus on the technology in it.". From that time on, even though we have developed various projects in different sectors we always focused on the technology in them and we will do so in the future.


B in JTBLabs represents the Banksy soul in us. It is the motivation that we use on creating our projects. It is the belief that our work is our art and should be used to send a message to the society, and "every project should always have a signature coming from the streets".

Who we are.

Here are some posts that we tried to explain who we are.

An honest answer to "Who we are?"

We just tried to explain "Who we really are?".

An honest answer to "Who we are?"

We just tried to explain "Who we really are?".

Latest news.

Here are the latest news and informations of JTBLabs.

Motivation behind JTB Icons

Sometimes bad things open doors for good things...

We are back!

Time has come for the 'ubuntu' our fellow friends!

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