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March 13, 2022

Motivation behind JTB Icons

Sometimes bad things open doors for good things...

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From the time we started working in the field of development, we have faced many problems in the processes. The most time-consuming one, without exception, has always been the diffuculty of searching for the appropriate icons and images in order to provide the right emotions and feelings we want to convey.

Image search aside, we always thought that finding icons should not be that hard if there is a library that follows specific patterns and guides. To be honest there were some libraries like Bootstrap's glyphicons but they were so limited and not-usable due to their lack of variations on icon types and styles.

While we were searching for the products we need, we found our two best friends for our development stages: Font Awesome and Flat icon. One of them (Font awesome) is a library that has extensive animations and uses specific patterns and guides on their icons. On the other hand Flat Icon has lots of different icons and packs that allows you to get exact icons you need from different designers around the world. They both has some problems but made our life definitely easier and allow us to develop our projects much faster. We appreciate for their efforts.

Although we have said that these two projects do a real good job and we use them with pleasure, the 'Pay us to use our features.' mentality that we have encountered recently has alienated us from these projects.

We are aware that, everyone wants to generate money from their efforts and they deserve it especially if they create something that is really useful but... It is obviously not a respectable method for us to limit the features from different angles that your clients could use before and say that "We made them for 'pro'". Bruh...

We are completely ok with the idea of creating some revenue for the companies. It is not our job to criticize the decisions of others because it is their rights to act as they want. We just want to share the feelings of ours. These two friends made us upset with their decisions since we always believed that they are the ones with community-minded and cares the community itself instead of their pockets. We believed that they are good fellows that tries to share their power with the ones who are in need. But with the latest changes and updates we saw that we believed something that is not true.

As JTBLabs, one of our main motto is "Do something from the scratch if you think you can do it.". We never believed that "We shouldn't reinvent the wheel." because there is always a possibility to create something better. Which can be a tool for society and allow people benefit from. With that motto, we planned to create lots of things. But since two of our best companions made us really upset with their decisions we simply said that "Why we do not do this?". So we did.

Instead of crying like brats, we decided to create something that will compete with the two powerful friends of us. Something that will be free forever and much more powerful than the ones who require 'pro'. Something 'really' cares for the commuity itself.

With that motivation our fellow friends we are announcing that we've started building the JTB Icons v1.0! An icon library that will be your best friend in your projects and never betray you in any ways.

So far (in the last month :)) we've reached 1,310 icons in three different categories: regular, light & brands. We included sizing classes to allow you manage their styles, added customizable CSS animations to make them more attractive, and currently building a user manuel for allowing you to include it in your projects with some simple steps. In one or two days, we are going to release the first version of it public and in the upcoming days we are planning to include different icon packs (and of course icons) in it.

We believe the power of sharing. We just want to make something useful and special for you. Feel free to use it, it is all yours m8. Because...

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