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March 10, 2022

An honest answer to "Who we are?"

We just tried to explain "Who we really are?".

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In 2019, we founded JTBLabs based on a shared dream: "To create a more livable world for all.". When we look at what we have done for this purpose even before uniting our powers, it is becoming more and more clear to understand the answer of the question "Who we are?".

We never believed that writing some blogs, sharing our experiences, or trying to be a part of communities would help us on our journey. Although these are the things that play a big role in the creation of an idea, we did not believe them because they were not the right choices at that time to achieve our goal of 'Transforming the world'.

The only thing we could do to make this dream happen was basicly 'working hard' for us. Read bunch of books and articles, try to make some projects to gain experiences, listen to people for understanding what they need... So we did...

We spend all our time to learn for a long time. Learn about people, learn about business stuff, learn about technology, learn about life, and most importantly learn about ourselves. To be honest, we are fully aware that no matter how hard we try, it is possible for us to learn as a drop of water in an endless ocean, but we can say that reaching that drop of water is the exact passion of us.

We are not influencers. We are nor trying to impress people with other people's opinions and create profits for ourselves neither imposing our thoughts to others to make them be like us...

We do not feel like a part of any community. We do not have any ideology. We are not the ones who allow their ideas to take on partisan forms and refute theirselves.

We are not the children of rich families. Also, being rich is not a goal for us anyways. As long as you have enough money to chase your dreams, who cares more...

We are not the ones who try to impress people with their 'motivational' speaks and make them 'inspired' with showing their lifes... Life is not fair, nor easy... Especially if you living in somewhere that absorbs your imagination and kills your hopes & dreams. Not gonna lie...


We are the ones who believe that many things are wrong in this corrupt world and want to do everything that can be done to fix it.

We are the ones who want to have a more just world and aim to reach out to those who need help.

We are the ones who have nothing but the effort and time they can spend, but are determined to spend their lives in line with their purposes of life.

We are the ones who are going to 'do' something instead of 'talk'... We do not want to show ourselves as a 'caring' folks. We really want to be one.

So, it is not important that who are the real people after the curtain of JTBLabs or who 'we' are. What really important is; we are JTBLabs, we are the ones who are going to "Transform the world".

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