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v1.1 - Ashy tit
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v1.1 - Ashy tit Latestv1.0 - Bluethroat
v1.1 - Ashy tit Latestv1.0 - Bluethroat
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Possible ways to help us develop JTB Icons.

Share your ideas

If you have any idea or suggestion to make this library better, you can share it with us from our Contact page, or you can send your mails to contact@jtblabs.com.

Develop an icon

If you have the ability to use Illustrator or a similar software, and can develop icons, you can make your icons and send them to us for including the library.

For doing it, you need to follow a pattern to let us keep the library clean:

  • The canvas you need to use must be 16x16 pixels and the icons needs to occupy maximum 15x15 pixels of it.
  • The placement of icon needs to be as large as possible in the 15x15 px area and must be centered.
  • You need to work with strokes to make your icons linear, backgrounds must be transparent.
    • For light icons, the stroke width must be 0.75pt (not pixels)
    • For regular icons, the stroke width must be 1.25pt (not pixels)
    • Stroke cap & corners need to be round.
    • Strokes can exceed the 15x15 px area, that is OK.
  • In both types (light & regular) the icon needs to be clean and understandable.

Once you are ok with the idea, you can download our canvas and example icons from here

If you made an icon and want to send it to us (Both AI and SVG forms); you can do it from contact@jtblabs.com.

Join our community

We have accounts in several platforms, you can follow them and participate the conversations to support us.

Sponsor an icon

If you need an icon so bad, and want to make us include it as soon as possible, you can sponsor that icon and make it our priority.

While requesting an icon, please be logical. We do not do icons like "blender-phone"...

JTB Icons.

A powerful icon libary that tries to solve all your icon-related problems on your projects with its different icon types, customized styling classes, icon-focused animations and more features. Also is free, and will be free forever!

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