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v1.1 - Ashy tit
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v1.1 - Ashy tit Latestv1.0 - Bluethroat
v1.1 - Ashy tit Latestv1.0 - Bluethroat

Send your problems to hell with the power of 5,928 icons!

You heard it right! We are presenting an icon library which meets all your needs and is completely free! No tricks, no scams, no 'pro' versions. Not now, not in the future. We believe the power of sharing. So it's all yours m8.

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Discover the world of JTB Icons!


Keep it simple! That's our main motto. To make this library easier for you, we provide alternative ways to use it. Choose the method that suits you best, complete simple steps quickly and boom, you are ready to go.


Yeah, you're right... What about life after integration? Don't worry, we got you. We have all the documents to show you the power of library and how to use it properly. So sit down, buckle up your seatbelt and enjoy the experience of our 4-am-redbull-induced-self-fuelled-documentation-extravaganza.


Don't wanna use default icons? Wanna make them jelly? We have also created extensive 'pure CSS' animations just for you!

Exactly the icons you are looking for!

Discover the icons depending on your needs. Just tell us what you are looking for or define it with simple keywords then let our extensive search algorithm do the rest!

Support us

We need to make this clear. You don't need to donate or pay something to us. All the products and works we do is just for making you happy. They come from our hearts without any expectations. If they help you on your journey in any way that is the biggest win for us.

But... if you insist to make some donations, please read this article to understand who we really are first. We think that we need more people who try to understand us rather than who help us financially. Once you are done with it and still want to make some donations, here is the link for it: JTBLabs | Patreon

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Motivation behind JTB Icons

Sometimes bad things open doors for good things...

We are back!

Time has come for the 'ubuntu' our fellow friends!

JTB Icons.

A powerful icon libary that tries to solve all your icon-related problems on your projects with its different icon types, customized styling classes, icon-focused animations and more features. Also is free, and will be free forever!

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