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Skinlync is a platform that will simplify skin wellness through the power of technology and connectivity. Using AI-powered image matching and data analytics technology, Skinlync aims to help individuals suffering from various skin diseases, such as eczema, acne etc., find an effective and sustainable solution by becoming the platform that bridges users with other users of the same medical profile, shares valuable information on alternative treatments and connects users with skin wellness experts, thus creating a community-based skin wellness hub.


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Assistify is a CRM software that is developed for personal trainers which includes customer tracking, appointment options, program writing, instant messaging, user portfolio, nutrition tracking, customer analysis, credit tracking system, control panel and much more tools and systems. It allows its users to customize the app by theirselves, create different measurement and tracking systems, also thanks to its API it is possible to integrate the system with 3rd party developers.



We are currently developing many different projects that we plan to make them 'open source' in the future under the roof of JTB Labs. From designing libraries to AI systems, security softwares to social media plugins... In the near future, you'll be able to easily take and adapt each project to yours with no cost.



We have designed and made two different software projects for the QNB's assets and liabilities management team which focus on;

  • o Simulating the company’s future expectations on assets and liabilities side with generating alternative futures via analyzing the past and current positions of the company.
  • o Automatizing the daily-jobs and reports with using different technologies to save time for the team.


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