Don't forget that JTB_MD is an open source, free to use library written by JTB Labs and released under the MIT licence and copyright 2020 JTB Labs, that anyone can use without any charge. It is free now and will be free in the future too. No one from our team will charge you for this library. If you are paying something for someone to use it, that means someone is tricking you my friend. :)

Besides usage, anyone can download the source file and modify it to her/his needs. We strongly recommend that if you modify/add something in/to JTB_MD please share with us via mail ( With that way we can make the library better for everyone.

Even though it is all free, before using it make sure you satisfy all the conditions below:

  • You need to keep the license and copyright notice included in JTB_MD's CSS and JavaScript files when you use them in your works.
  • You can't hold the authors and license owners liable for damages as JTB_MD is provided without warranty.
  • You can't hold the creators or copyright holders of JTB_MD liable.
  • You can't redistribute any piece of JTB_MD without proper attribution.