JTB_MD is maintained by the founding team which is the JTB Labs itself. We are strongly recommending to you for adding some magnificent features into JTB_MD. Since we are small team and need to make our payments, it is not possible to develop and add all the features are planning on time. So do it for us m8, otherwise we are going to come to your house and drink 1 cup of water.

And if you don't have 1 cup of water in your house, we are going to buy it and drink it in your house.


Cemal Semih Bilgiç

Ömer Faruk Yıldırım



Who Contributed In
Beyza Ünal
  • Design of the manual.
  • Design of the elements.
Nabuaki Honma
  • We got some of the codes from his previous works on Loaders & Spinners part.