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March 09, 2022

We are back!

Time has come for the 'ubuntu' our fellow friends!

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For a long time, about 1.5 years, we were trying to make a project of us, Skinlync, live. Since it is a project that focuses on increasing life quality of skin-patients, we focused on it really hard and tried to make it live as soon as possible.

During this process, we faced many difficulties, had many different experiences and learned many new things. Thanks to our good team and patience, we've reached the final stage of this project.

Although Skinlync has reached its final stage thanks to our devoted work; we couldn't spare time for other projects we wanted to realize because of putting all our manpower there. But now, time has come my friends! We are officialy announcing that we are developing different 'open source' projects to make your life easier too!

As JTBLabs, from now on, we are arranging our remaining time (from Skinlync and the extra projects we need to sustain our lives) to solve many problems that everyone is encountering during the project development phase and to create products that are desired by everyone basing on different needs but require very sophisticated knowledge and manpower.

At this point, we decided to start with the design library, JTB_MD that we started together with Skinlync 1.5 years ago but couldn't finish. We chose this library as a starting point because of two main reasons:

The first reason is, although the library was not completely finished, we managed to release a usable version 0.2 and had the opportunity to test it on different projects. During our use, we identified different vulnerabilities of the library, listed its developmental aspects, and had the opportunity to create our roadmap to publish a stable version 1.0.

Secondly, we have a high belief that the project will be an industry standard like Bootstrap and Material UI. The reason behind this is actually our aim to bring a new breath to the design libraries by introducing you to the 'customizable library' idea which is simply a library that enables you to create your own libraries via changing simple input areas on customization section of it.

In addition to JTB_MD, we have started to build a free icon libary that can be used by anyone with some simple steps. Unlike other libraries that release 'pro' versions after the number of users increases, JTBIcons will always be freely accessible to everyone and everyone will be able to use all the upcoming updates without any payment. (If you see a pro version of it one day, you can spit in our faces :))

After the completion of these two projects we are planning to create more open-source projects like 'analytics', 'charts library', 'search engine'... But they are tommorow's work. For now, we are going to work as hard as we can and try to provide you folks two beautiful open-source libraries that want to be your best friends on your projects.

To allow you follow the developments in the process, we've renewed our entire website, added a blog section and decided to share updates from here.

Based on all these information, we can easily say that:

We now know what we want to do!

We are going to save anyone in need with our open-source projects!

All we want is to be remembered as the good guys of this cruel world!

And most importantly, We are back bitches.

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